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I don't think I am that interesting. I love to spend time with my husband and kids. I like to hang out with the girls in the neighborhood shopping, lunches, going to Cherry Hill. I am taking a summer class online and I have found that I really enjoy learning, but I hate taking tests!!! I have recently taken up running and I love it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Okay, So I am officially the world's worst blogger. Life at the Iannone house has truly been crazy! In August Greg's brother and his family came for a visit. We had the opportunity to hike MT. Timp. and explore the cave. 1.5 miles up 1.5 down. Sounds easy .........Not! It was really steep needless to say we got our workout for the day. Bella hiked the whole way herself. Go Bella!Greg was thrilled to ba able to spend some time with his brother. We had a great time with Jeff and his family, Thanks for coming to visit!!! At the end of August Stef's drill team put on a Jr. drill clinic as a fundraiser. Bella and her friends had the opportunity to perform at the halftime of the football game. Davis beat Bingham!!!! Go Darts! That was the same week that school started . Bella started first grade. Mommy cried! Bella on the other hand could not wait, she loves school. Life is in full swing, Greg is responsible for more than half of the U.S.A. No I am not kidding he is over 28 states. He is traveling quite a bit. Karen is going back to college taking 6 credits Biomed Anatomy & Physiology and medical terminology. Considering it has been about 15 years since I have been in school my brain literally hurts. Jeremy is playing lacrosse and he scored his first goal last saturday and he was pumped. He has really excelled and is having a great time playing.Stef is busy with drill and school. She will be going to homecoming next weekend her first school dance. Bella is busy with dance, tumbling and singing. She will be in a high school musical performance sometime in January. I hope I am not boring people to tears with all of this! Odviously I need to post more often. I believe that is it.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Family vacation

We recently had the opportunity to go to Baltimore on vacation. We had a blast !!! Spent time with cousins, went to an Oriole game, Hershey Park, Gettysburg & Fort Mchenry.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

4th of July

4th of July is a blast in Kaysville! In fact after our 1st fourth of July here 4 years ago, we decided we would never go anywhere else for the 4th. This year it was great because Stef & Bella were in the parade!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am finally a blogger!

Hello! I have intended to do this for a long time. So here it goes, we have extended family and immediate family across the globe. Hopefully this will be a good way to let everyone know what is going on in our happy family. First of all let me say that I am so grateful for my awesome husband , and our 5 wonderful children. They bring so much joy into our lives I can't imagine what life would be like without them. I will try to fill you in ( without to much detail ) on what ha been going on in our lives.
Greg is the Director of Business Development and a Regional Sales Manager for a company called QC. It is a manufacturer of decorative concrete. So basically he makes ugly floors look pretty.
Karen is a stay at home mom and presently the family taxi driver who makes sure the kids get to all there various activities. She has also taken up running and participated in the Ragnar Relay in June it consisted of 180 miles and 12 fabulous women ran the relay.
Jaquilyn was married in May of 2007 to Travis Shumate and they currently reside in Tacoma, WA. Travis is an awesome son-in-law and we feel blessed to have him in our family.
Nicolas is currently serving an LDS mission in Guatemala, he has been in the field for 5 1/2 months and is loving every minute of it.
Stefanie is entering her junior year in high school and is a member of the drill team.
Jeremy is entering 8th grade and he is a sports fanatic!!!! He just started playing Lacrosse this past spring! He played attack and midfield. He still claims his his true love is basketball.
Bella is starting 1st grade in the fall and mom is really struggling with her baby being gone all day. But not Bella she can't wait to be able to eat lunch at school. She loves school. She also participates in dance, softball, singing you name it she does it.
Well that is about it!!! I can't wait to read what everyone else is up to!